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Everyone wants that summer glow. Admit it, you all do! But the sun can be very dangerous to our skin. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can protect your skin, (other than sunscreen of course) while also keepin' your style:

Hats: Always pack a hat with you that matches your "look", whether its floppy, bucket, or cap, it will cover your sensitive skin from the rays! Pick a hat that best represents your style.

Umbrella: I know this sounds weird, but you can actually find some cute summer beach umbrellas. I found one on Beach umbrellas are a huge trend right now, and I personally use them to make shade when I'm on a hot beach and there are no trees or natural shading to keep me protected!

Makeup: Makeup? To protect your skin? Yep! Go to your local drug store or saphora and check the label before purchasing your product. Make sure it has atleast SPF 15!

What is your favourite sun-protector accessory?

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