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Summer is here! (well for most of us anway)...

Many people don't know how to take care of their bathing suits propertly, and to make sure you don't make the same mistake, in todays blog post I'm going to be giving you tips and tricks on how to make your bikinis last.

After wearing our bathing suits we tend to forget to actually wash them properly. (or don't know how). Whether you spend 5 dollars or 500 dollars on a bathing suit, taking care of your swimwear the right way is completely crucial to how long they will last. Follow these steps and you will be abled to enjoy your swimwear for longer than one summer!

STEP 1: Know that chlorine can ruin your swimwear.

Too much chlorine can fade the fabric of your bathingsuit. If you are planning to go swimming at your or a friends pool, make sure to check the pool and/or hot tub's chlorine content. If it is too high, the excessive amount of chlorine can break down the material of the swimwear, which will ruin the shape of it.

STEP 2: Stay away from rough surfaces.

Sitting and/or rubbing against textured pool decks, logs on the beach or any rough edges can ruin the smooth texture of your swimwear.

STEP 3: Avoid oils.

Sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics can be harmful to swimsuits if too much access oil soaks into them. Make sure to rinse and wash your swimwear as soon as possible if you do.

STEP 4: Cold water is your new best friend!

By rinsing your swimsuits in cold water, you will help remove the excess salt and chlorine, which is an important step to take before washing.

STEP 5: Avoid electric machine dryers and washers.

Your machine may be set to cycle gently, but it could still be way too rough. Washing machines can ruin the shape, fabric, and padding, as well as any delicate embellishments, stones, or beading. Therefore, wash your swimwear by hand in cold water. Always use a mild soap that is meant for delicate fabrics. Lay it flat to air dry.

What are your favourite swimwear brands? Leave a comment below!

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