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The first morning we hiked Casa Grande Peak, which by the looks of it wasn't high up at all, but it was. I swear. I stepped on a cactus, almost fell off the edge and got the WORST tan lines. That's what I get for doing excercise, I guess.

My good friend Tessa is away in Bali right now travelling, and she gifted me her old dress that she didn't wear anymore. When I wore it I thought of her, miss you Tess!

Every morning my sister and I (usually her hehe) would make us fruit bowls to get our day started. If we didn't, we would eat my grandma's delicious muffins. I miss them already!

I found these swimsuit bottoms on the clearance rack for 3$ (Billabong), a steal am i right? SALE: a girl's favourite word.

I usually get all my shopping done while I'm down in AZ because the prices are so good. This year my suitcase could harldly zip up because of all the shoes I got... oops! Sorry, not sorry.

Desert sunrises and sunsets were my favourite part of the day, they were breathtaking!

We went to an ostrich farm on the day it was cloudy, I got to feed all the animals and it was probably one of the highlights of my trip!


I love lemon water, I drink it literally every single day. I would pick a fresh lemon from the lemon tree in the back yard and put it in my water. These lemons were HUGE, we called them the lemons on steroids.


Poolside yoga in the morning!

This is the trip I look forward to every year, already packing for next time.


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