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Recently, while scrolling through my Instagram feed (shocker), I would see image upon image of the infamous Bali Body Tanning Oil. I needed it! It seemed as though everyone had it except me.

I knew I had a trip coming up somewhere hot -(read about it on my previous post)- so I decided to cave in and buy the dang stuff.

Before caving in, I googled reviews to see if this oil actually worked (Keep in mind this Tanning Oil is $29.95 CAD) and it's a pretty small portion (110 ml). Not a lot of results came up, so I thought to myself that something was needed.

So here it is, my Bali Body Tanning Oil review:

If you haven't heard of Bali Body, to sum it up, its summer in a bottle. It's a natural skincare & tanning range, formulated to hydrate & repair your skin while targeting eczema, stretch marks and scars.

So, it's not only going to make you a golden goddess but a healthy one too. It's time to ditch the chemical tanning oils you find at Walmart and try the goods that your skin will thank you for.

I also found out that Bali Body can be used as hair treatment and makeup remover. Bonus!

I dont suffer from eczema but I have suffered from acne all my life. While using this oil during my week away I already saw some results with my scars.

As for the tanning part, I'm normally pretty fair-skinned. This week I can honestly say I came back from my trip with a solid tan.

If you suffer from any skin scars, eczema, stretch marks or even just sensitive skin, I would 100% recommend Bali Body.

Thanks so much Bali Body for letting me try this miracle worker! And I hope you as a reader enjoyed reading this review of my experience with Balibody.

You can also try the sister oils: Cocoa Tanning Oil, Watermelon Tanning Oil, Natural Moisterizing Suncreen and the Luxe Moisterizing Lotion.

If this helped and you want more reviews (on anything), let me know!

To shop Balibody, click here.

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