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This past weekend I ventured off to the beautiful state of California for only 72 hours. When I landed I felt as though I was home, when surely I was not, but the feeling was there because I guess I want it to be. It has always been my goal, and still is, to move to the sunny city of Los Angeles and pursue the career of my dreams. I feel as though I can be myself in this city which helps me portray my fashion style in a different light. I guess it’s the constant energy fed to me from the creative people around me or the excitement that the city itself gives me. I don’t think anyone can really understand it unless you’ve experienced it yourself, wherever that might be.

Spring and summer have always been my absolute favourite seasons to style myself for, and Vancouver can sometimes make that difficult. California is my eternal summer! Keeping in mind that I was only there for 72 hours, the battle of deciding which outfits were staying and which were coming along with me was tough. The basic vacation fashion essentials for me are: one hat that matches all clothing items you are bringing on the trip so you can mix and match, your cheapest sun glasses you own incase of an incident where they break, your favourite bikinis at the time and a comfy cover-up for over those bathing suits. The rest of the fashion decision making is the fun part, it constantly changes and you are always styling something new. My favourite spots were photographed so I could capture the moment of where I was and what I was wearing that day.

Outfit#1: hat-topshop, top-topshop, shorts-levis, shoes-ross Outfit#2: sunnies-pacsun, romper-rue21, shoes: browns Outfit#3: hat-topshop, bikini top-tobi, shorts-brandy melville Outfit#4: hat-topshop, dress-tobi Outfit#5: top-topshop, pants-Venice boutique.

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