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My most frequently asked question EVER is "how do I make an Instagram theme?" or "how do I make my feed look cohesive?"

Well, in today's blog post i'll be giving you my tips and tricks on how I create my Instagram theme and continue to keep it clean. I'm no expert but I think I have some tricks up my sleeve that I can share!


Always use the same filter (or very similar filters). If you keep your filters cohesive, no matter what images you post, your Instagrams will look like they flow a lot nicer.

My go-to app

I'm sure you've heard of the VSCO Cam app. If you haven't, its a photo editing app where you can upload your images and add dozens of filters and edit your photo with a variety of options.

BUT have you heard of the trick? I re-made my Instagram theme on the app's grid. The grid on VSCO is the same format as your Instagram grid, so you can now make sure that when you're planning on uploading a photo, you can make sure it flows with the rest.

Example below:

Space it out

Space out your photos or your feed will start to look cluttered. Space out the photos that are dark & light, close ups & far away photos, selfies & scenery etc. Spread them out like a checker board and make sure they aren't uploaded next to each other.


Whether you are using Instagram to brand yourself or using it to showcase your social life, you want your Instagram feed to represent who you are. Make sure you're uploading images that represent who you are or how you're wanting to present yourself online.

Profile Image

Kind of a random tip, but make sure your profile image matches your current theme and filter, it really makes your whole page flow.

I hope some of these tips help you out! I always love feedback - send me an email with your thoughts here!



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