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I'm excited for today's blog post because I always love trying out new products and blog reviews are one of my favourite articles to read.

Today I'll be testing + reviewing lipsticks from Toronto based company, NUDESTIX.

Packaging + Shipping

Can we talk about the packaging for a second? It's AMAZING! I was so impressed with how the lipsticks were displayed.

They come in metal tins with a built-in mirror, a sharpener, how-to instructions, and some info about the product.

Shipping was very quick, my package arrived within a week!

Lip Colours

NUDESTIX was kind enough to send me a couple different lip colours, two matte + two gel lips.







I've only had these lipsticks for about a week and I'm already obsessed. The quality is amazing, they apply so smoothly, and they last the day with only needing one or two touch-ups.

NUDESTIX has a variety of other shades + colours, as well as many other beauty products - check them out here!

Thanks NUDESTIX ♥♥

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can contact me at

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