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Whilst being in Toronto over the long weekend I had the pleasure of having a little personal tour guide at my finger tips to show me the hot spots for food and interesting areas to shoot content.

In the fashion industry I love to network with new people and meet interesting/inspiring creators. Over the past couple of months I had been talking to a fellow blogger who lived across the country. Call us crazy, but I flew out to TO so we could finally meet! I know, I still can't believe that through social media I was able to fly across the country and stay with someone I've never met in person before.

You'll be happy to hear she wasn't a serial killer or psychopath (hehe). We got along right away, our personalities and interests are pretty much identical, and I feel as though the trip was meant to happen and I gained a new forever friend!

Here is a little collection of the adventures we had during my stay on the east coast. #wckgtakeseastcoast

Warning: a lot of food pictures... because we love food.

PS Check out Nitsan's links for more of us! <3

Until next time, you can find me on Instagram and snapchat! both handles are @emmaleger <3


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