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This past weekend, one of my best friends and I were flown out Toronto for three nights to attend the 2015 Much Music Video Awards. What!?

It still feels sureal to me that I was walking the same grounds and standing in the same room as some of my favourite musical artists and celebrities.

We had VIP passes around the whole event which included early access to the main stage venue, rehearsal viewing, a walk down the red carpet and my highlight of the weekend: a meet & greet with Nick Jonas. (my childhood crush/love of my life.)

Rehearsals: Rehearsals went on for 3 days, and we got to get a "behind the scenes look" at the performing artists practicing their numbers for the show. Most of the artists were very personable and would come down to us and talk for a bit (if we were lucky).

Red Carpet: Before we were escorted to the "mosh pit" area, we got to walk down the red carpet and see what its really like to be a "celebrity". I gotta admit, it was a pretty crazy experience. Thousands of fans screaming all around us (mostly because the hosts of the show were walking behind us...oops). We deffinitely got some fun pictures to remember the moment!

The Show: After watching award shows every year throughout growing up, finally experiencing one in real life was pretty cool. It's WAY more hectic/unorganised then what you see on camera and its funny to see celebrities squirm when they are freaking out or forgetting their lines and the director is calling "3,2,1" before they go live. Every commercial break it was basically seeing how the different artists would act without a spot light on them yet.

Now that was just a quick summary of my trip... overall I couldn't of had a better weekend and I'm so grateful I got to experience what I did.

PS: Toronto has the best hotdogs

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