Brunch: probably my favourite sunday (or any day, really) activity. There's something about good food and fresh steaming hot coffee on a sunday morning that brings good conversation and satisfied tummies.

Since I'm clearly very passionate about brunch, I've decided to start a series where I review and capture brunch spots around Vancouver, or wherever I am. Not only does that give me an excuse to eat it, but it's an excuse to blog about it!

Today's brunch spot is Nelson the Seagull - recently just discovered. Located in Gastown, it's a 10/10, delicious, gourmet brunch spot in disguise. It's really more-so advertised as a coffee shop.

This hidden spot should (and will be) next on your brunch to-do's!

Food ordered for two:

1. Poached eggs on bread with avocado and tomatoes.

2. French toast!

If any of you foodies out there have any recos, please let me know! I'm always on the hunt for a new brunch spot to try.


Photos by: @thelittleblondeonee - check her out here!

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