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The number one thing that I look for in my sneakers: comfort. Usually I'm a fashion over comfort kinda girl for my statement 'one time use' or 'I'll deal with the pain' heels for the evening. However, when it comes to sneakers... my experience needs to be enjoyable. My sneakers have to be comfortable enough to last an 8 hour work day!

Having said that, I'm always on the hunt for a new style of sneaker that's trendy or interesting. The pair I'm styling in this post is the new "boot sneaker" trend, you can find them here! It was love at first sight with us, really.

If you want some other ideas, here are some more not-so-basic sneakers that I'm obsessing over:

Jeans: Citizens Of Humanity, Sweater: Zara, Bag: UO, Shoes: Zara

You made it, IT'S THE WEEKEND! I hope you had a great week, and I hope you'll have an even better weekend. Until next post, you can find me on Instagram and Snap!


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