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Happy Wednesday friends! I'm truly happy that we are half way through the week AKA half way closer to the weekend. If I can do it, you can do it.

Speaking of staying motivated, today's blog post is a friendly reminder for all of you bloggers out there who are finding it hard to stay motivated in your career.

I get it, it can be exhausting at times and you can find yourself wondering if you chose the "right" career path. Here are three things that I always like to reflect back on to keep me personally motivated in my own career goals.

1. Surround yourself by people who 'get you': so this is probably my biggest one. The people I surround myself with are my family and friends who believe in me the most. When I'm feeling de-motivated or tired, they're the ones who remind me of why I love what I do! I don't tolerate judgement or negativity about this industry in my personal life.

2. Stay consistent but don't stress yourself out about it: It's true, you have to be very consistent and have an on-going social presence if you want to be noticed in this oversaturated industry. Having said that, life sometimes gets in the way of things so don't stress yourself out if you can't get that 'ootd' everyday.. 😉

3. Make sure you're enjoying the journey: Make sure you're still enjoying it as much as you did when you first started your blog as a hobby. Just because you've turned it into a career of a certain degree you shouldn't continue to do so if you're unhappy!

Keep working hard at what you love!

Until next time xo

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